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Why (J)

During the first week all technical and tactical aspects of the game will be worked on. Video analysis will be used extensively during this process. Special attention will be given to clay court specific footwork and tactics. That will ensure that our juniors will have proper preparation for the tournament that starts on the second week of the camp.

During preparation week, we have two hours coaching in the mornings and two hours of coaching in the evenings. Each day in between coaching sessions there is fitness and conditioning in the gym. Gym routines might be substituted with workouts on the beach or some soccer/volleyball followed by a dip in the sea.

During tournament week we will have two hour morning session and matches for rest of the day. Juniors who have an early match will have a quick warm up session and have a coaching session in evening instead.


A typical day schedule for players

Rise:                                 7.30
Breakfast                      8.00
Warm up jog                     8.45
On court coaching              9.00-11.00
Lunch                                12.00-13.00
Time to relax                    13.00-14.00
Fitness                              14.00-14.30
Time to relax                      14.30-15.45
On court coaching              16.00-18.00
Dinner                               19.00-20.00
Daily meeting                     20.30
Recreation                          20.45-22.00
Bed                            22.00
Lights out                   22.30