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The tennis centre is located in sea side resort town Haapsalu, Estonia. A mere 99km from Tallinn, this quiet seaside town of just under 12,000 is steeped in history, filled with quaint, wooden houses, and its beaches. It’s no wonder that visitors of one sort or another have been coming here since the 13th Century, when the Episcopal Castle (now one of the town’s main attractions) was built. Narrow streets with the wooden houses not changed much from the beginning of XXth century bring you to the sea again and again. Haapsalu has been called the Nordic Venice for that plentitude of water. Above all, Haapsalu is a town for people. A bit self-contained peace and silence are not the only values to find this over 700 year old town: eventful summer season has become Haapsalu’s trade mark.
Accommodation is in Fra Mare Spa Hotel, which was completed in 1997, is located in a pine forest, surrounded by mild winds, cozy calmness and Paralepa Beach. There are 92 rooms with all necessary conveniences for visitors. The modern building contains a restaurant, a bar, a cafeteria, medical facilities, gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and sauna. There is play and pool room and two computers for internet which are free for all to use. This is a wonderful place for a family holiday as well.